Allow Yourself to be Moved

Allow Yourself to be Moved

What would today look like if you allowed yourself to be moved? What miracles would stop you dead in your tracks? Are you not tired of every single day looking, feeling like the last?

Are we not, as a people, as a society, humanity, absolutely starving to be 'woken up' by something? To be jilted right out of your mundane Monday into a world of wonder and awe? It is so simple to be rejuvenated after a retreat, vacation or weekend of adventure only to fall back into the fog of routine. Routine brings with it a sense of security, control and let's be honest lack of spontaneity.

We often invite our fear-oriented ego back into the driving seat after these wondrous experiences out of habit. We are then left wondering, 'Why did I not bring those 'retreat' lessons home?' This would require some aspect of freedom and we often confine our minds to the task at hand during routine. Leaving our curiosity for self, life and love on the back-burner until our next moment of awakening. Only to be forgotten again.

The reality is, many of us live lives of routine! All the power to us! More often than not our life falls into a steady routine. Meaning, we need to flex our freedom muscles whilst in our daily, weekly routines. In order to catch all the miracles falling like raindrops from the sky, we need to keep our eyes, hands and hearts wide open to receive them!

What does this look like you ask? In a practical sense, well, this is the beauty! It looks different for everyone. Only you my love know what awakens your spirits and encourages your eyes to span the horizon for all the possibilities in sight. I ignite my heart and spirit with music. If my soul needs a reminder I have a library of music that I turn to. I also enjoy the act of drinking tea in a candle lit room with my favourite book and journal. Sometimes I raise the bar and shake off my fear by dancing around my home to my favourite song, clothes optional ;) Even taking ten slow deep breaths can bring me back from a tangle of thoughts swirling me into a world of anxiety.

My point is, check in with yourself! This is a fun activity of self-discovery. What ignites your heart and soul and wake you up to the miracle of life within your routine?