Create Your Inner Temple

Create Your Inner Temple

I was recently attending a meditation, energy workshop led by Jennifer Clark. She suggested to focus on a circumstance in our lives that needed healing or direction. I immediately thought of my desire for a home. I have been moving around so much in my life; which has been a blessed adventure! However, I have recently been yearning a place to call home and nest. A place that reflects my energy and tastes, full of security and warmth. Along with the manifestation of this home, my thoughts drifted to my ideal community of friends and spiritual thought leaders. People full of engagement, honesty and support on the journey of growth and love.

During the workshop, I  consciously focused on the question at hand, "Where is my home?" What were the words that floated to the surface, "Stop looking, you have already arrived." I realized that so many of us are attracted to the feelings we associate with home rather than the home itself. I yearn to feel safe, secure, warm and loved. I wish to have a support system of loving people who care for me deeply as I do them. And yet, the fact I so easily forget, I have already arrived. My true home has always been, and forever will be within.

Now, here is the important part! If this inner-home (or temple) is stable within us, we no longer have to fear the impermanence. If our feelings of security and stability waver due to external circumstances that creates a great deal of anxiety and fear. We so often look outside of ourselves for what we desire the most; this is partly due to societal conditioning.

Imagine the freedom when you realize you can always return home with one inhale. Or the power you feel when you create unwavering self-love and security. It is still a challenge to create such a loving internal space after years of self-betrayal. We all have an inner-voice that can make the cultivation of a loving home within a difficult process. For me, I treat it just like that, a process.

I appreciate that everyone has different belief systems, in fact I embrace our unique approaches to spirituality! I am also not undermining one's desire for a stable home and community. I am simply offering a different perspective on the matter. An understanding of our internal power can, and will set us free!

Shine on!