Daily Reminders...

Daily Reminders...

Today I was struck in the face with how easy it is to get sucked into our mental cycles. I was triggered by someone; deeply hurt by what they said. To give some context, this person is not someone who I consider to be a key character in my life. In fact our distant relationship is that of the past. I was replaying the hurtful comments on the phone in an accusatory tone, getting myself all worked up. While I was approached the beach for my daily dog walk, I stopped mid-sentence, in awe.

The picture attached to this post is what I was looking at. The sun was hitting the tips of the snow capped mountains in the distance; illuminating the magnificent power and presence of the rock formations. Nothing but a silhouette of a far off boat impeded on the mountains authority. The tide was out, meaning we (the dogs and I) had nothing but kilometers of open sandy beach to play. I noticed the reflecting sky on the still moist sand; which had formed little waves and rivets due to the passing waters. I could hear sea lions talking to one another, poking their heads out of the water as they swam. Eagles, seagulls and blue herons were soaring effortlessly in the wind. The entirety of the scene was breath taking.

I was reminded. I was taken outside of myself by the natural beauty. I immediately felt the shift. I reclaimed the energy and power I had been giving to the circumstance and the individual involved. My path, my truth became clear to me once again. I had got myself so involved in the story, that I hadn't realized the victim role I was playing. No one can take my power unless I give it to them. The tranquility of the scene reminded me.

We are connected to one another and all living things. Sometimes it is easy to forget that. The next time I am triggered, I truly hope I can take a deep breath and remember this lesson. But if not, I will be patient and kind to myself as my journey of growth and self-discovery continues.

Shine on!