Don't deny the uncomfortable feelings

Don't deny the uncomfortable feelings

So often we run away from uncomfortable feelings. I use the word uncomfortable instead of 'bad' on purpose, because all of our emotions are worthwhile indicators. To allow our emotions to flow like the tide of the ocean without attaching our identity to them grants freedom of heart. Often to deny these uncomfortable feelings only intensifies them; where as acknowledging and validating them allows the natural progression of more positive feelings to return.

I am SO guilty of this! For years I denied my internal hurts, I feared (subconsciously for the most part) that these deep seated hurts would consume me if I let them free. By denying the pain I only amplified it. When anyone or any situation came close to this tightly wound ball of hurt I would be triggered into a version of anger, hurt or defences that didn't even look like me. Let's be transparent, I sometimes still do! But I am working on it I swear!

Sometimes, the pain buried within us is the only true ticket to peace. To validate that 'inner child' to listen to the pain as separate from ourselves can little by little help us truly live! Imagine not having to hide who you are? To be vulnerable and open without fear of someone (that someone could be you) finding that little ball of hurt. I am not fully there yet and maybe I will never fully be there; that is not the point! It is about truth and honesty with ourselves. So go ahead, express yourself no matter how uncomfortable!

Shine on!