Romanticising The Struggle

Romanticising The Struggle

We all struggle, fall down, experience heartbreak or turmoil and yet we seem to gloss over this topic. Yes, people discuss hardships, but usually from the perspective of resilience or triumph. The thick, dark truth of the struggle is often summed up in a sentence or two; quickly followed by the lessons learnt, the light shed, the tears of victory flowing.

What about those who are in the darkness? You are thinking, get to the point Jen. The greatest lessons, the most captivating courage, the rawest of vulnerability sprouts from the soils of struggle. And yet, we dance over the battle scene, the climax of the experience as an avoidance of discomfort. We often feel uncomfortable when we witness the raw pain of another. What do we do? Intentionally or not we swiftly meander away from that moment of raw experience and pain. The fear grips up, boils in our stomachs and ruptures into action. All of a sudden we are discussing the sunny days or tomorrow; taking a deep breath, feeling relieved that we dodged a bullet of uncomfortable stillness.

When we react on impulse in this way, it's not stemmed from a place of cruelty. In fact, it is an auto pilot response. However, in doing so we are missing an incredible opportunity to create a space in which those in our company are given the opportunity to truly feel the weight of their pain without judgement. We are missing the opportunity to truly, whole heartedly connect with another. We are giving permission for unity in a place of scary unknowns.

To have this courage, to face pain with your brothers and sisters, holding hands as you try and navigate your way through the complexity of your own experience, it the greatest victory of all.