It is amazing how many lessons we can learn about ourselves, about life if we are open to receive them.
During my recent drive across Canada with my mother I recognized a theme; the universe (or whatever term you feel comfortable using) was giving me the opportunity to see the impermanence of everything. If we would celebrate the clear skies it seemed snow would cover the roads in an instant. If I allowed myself to be elated by our proximity to a goal destination the truck had mechanical issues. These little circumstances kept popping up and I was reminded about the power of the present.
It truly is the only place in which we can learn and grow. I have to SHOW UP in order to get the lessons, and stay present no matter the situation. To live for tomorrow or yesterday would mean losing the magic of every moment. For me this included quietly observing my mother's mannerisms that I adore so much, about embracing laughter when faced with an impossible blizzard or humming myself out of anxiety when necessary.
We have to show up in our lives in order for clarity to dominate over fog. To surrender the notion of attachment and BE in your presence! I was not meant to drive across Canada in order to reach British Columbia.
I was meant to drive across Canada to experience every minute of every day with an open heart and eyes of wonder.
Be curious enough to show up.
Shine one!