Unseen Reminders

Unseen Reminders

We walk through life surrounded by noise; from our own persistent thoughts, the city we live in, the messages that are thrown at us throughout the day. Living in a state of constant stimulation becomes natural, to the point that silence is surprisingly uncomfortable.

I am guiding our attention to the moments the universe sends us as reminders of our truth. These seemingly everyday mundane glimpses of love are unintentionally ignored due to our own contribution to the 'noise'. When we are present enough to recognise these universal 'reminders', they stop us in our tracks and ignite every sense of our being. For just a moment you become transcendent, feeling the undeniable love, connectivity and power of yourself.

Let me share a reminder that I was gifted with. I entered a cafe this morning and I was immediately struck by the energy in that room. The line was out the door, but the people working behind the counter had huge smiles on, dancing, singing, welcoming everyone inside. The owner was beaming joy! Somehow offering every single person a genuine enthusiasm that so clearly stemmed from an endless source.  I could not take my eyes off of him, I was transfixed. He was transforming a situation that would cause most people a lot of anxiety and stress into something pure, present and beautiful. I truly felt he was brightening every single person's day with his presence alone. I soon found out this man always greeted his customers with the same affectious happiness.

The moment I got to the counter I showed my absolute gratitude for his energy and offerings. Naturally that led to a long embrace giving voice to the love that poured from each of us for one another, complete strangers. I felt a surge of energy and so inspired. While waiting for my latte I casually read a quote on the wall. Once again, my heart lept and tears rimmed my eyes.

"Anyone can slay a dragon, she told me. But try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That's what takes a real hero."

                         -  Brian Andreas

Brian Andreas was describing that cafe owner in shocking accuracy. He was using his position in this world to bring light into people's lives. I did not even want to leave that cafe. I yearned to ask him how; how does he tap into that endless waterfall of love? I wanted to take him aside and tell him that he opened my heart just a little bit more, that it was working! He really was changing people that were quite enough to see him; that were awake enough to feel him rock their cores. He reminded me of my truth, the endless source of love that we all have access to if we choose.

How does this experience end you ask? The beautiful barista hands me my latte and says he tried to make me an angel on top of my latte for hugging his boss.

No words.