You are the truth, waiting at the ocean floor

You are the truth, waiting at the ocean floor

I was pondering about the notion of internal space today. Mostly because I noticed my anxiety building, which meant I was not cultivating internal stillness. Mindfulness practices, even a simple inhale, pause, exhale fosters the development of internal peace.

When I spent ten days at the Yasodhara Ashram, I realized that my mind, my fears and my past wounds were so intertwined that I had no internal space. Engaging in mindfulness/meditation practices, no matter how minute or extraordinary create a peaceful space within. It is only with this cultivated space that we can maintain distance from our fleeting emotions. Distance grants us the opportunity to disengage and observe the impermanence of such emotions.

I have always loved to imagine my rollercoaster of emotions, or the unpredictability of life as the swells of the ocean. A storm passing by the disrupts the surface. These waves can feel overwhelming and very powerful. From the vantage point of the quiet serene depths of the ocean floor however, the chaos of any surface disruption ceases to hold any power. When we engage in practices that create internal space, we are able to distance ourselves from the swells of life. Mindfulness allows us to connect with our truth. The peace within us become our anchor. At the bottom of the ocean floor we are unmoved by any fleeting chaos.

Shine on!