Services for Organizations

coaching services for organizations

Who is virtual coaching for?

B-rooted offers remote coaching plans that are specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium sized companies that have a desire to invest in the well-being, growth and development of their employees. B-rooted’s third-party coaching services aim to support each individual employee who wishes to take advantage of the service being offered. B-rooted coaching will be fully committed to these employees as they work towards specific goals, whether personal, professional or a combination of both.


How does virtual life coaching work?

Once your company or organization has identified coaching as a beneficial service for your team, B-rooted offers a free consultation in order to discuss your company, the nature of your interest and what you hope to achieve through offering coaching services to your staff. Based on this consultation, a contract and timeframe are decided upon. Contracts can be six-months in length, or as short as a two-day crash course in coaching and goal setting. This is completely dependent on the needs of your specific company and team! B-rooted then sends an intake email to each employee to whom the service is being offered.

If you see value in empowering your team through personal and professional development, and think that coaching could be a beneficial service for your company or organization, reach out! A consultation is free and requires no commitment, chat with a B-rooted coach today about how life coaching could impact your company.