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comox valley virtual somatic counselling

Why Somatic Counselling?

Do you want to reignite a passion for your life and feel more connected to yourself and others? Together in a warm and nurturing space you will become more embodied and therefore empowered as your own healer. You will be invited to regain a sense of self-efficacy and gain wisdom to journey back to a grounded empowered sense of self. Holistic Somatic therapy enhance's the body's natural capacity to heal and return to an innate state of calm and love. This holistic mind, body and spirit approach allows us to become gently aware of rigid patterns and trauma that interfere with our natural resiliency and embodying our most authentic and present self.

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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is registered clinical counsellor (BCACC) with a B.A in Psychology, M.A in Counselling and Spirituality and trained as a Somatic Attachment Therapist. She believes that suffering is a part of the human experience, however we do not need to journey alone. Jennifer feels it is an honour to provide a nurturing safe space and walk alongside you providing support and guidance as you courageously walk your path of healing and return home to yourself and your body.

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comox valley virtual somatic counselling

Meet Joslyn

Joslyn is MA Psychotherapy and Spirituality intern completing her counselling practicum with B-rooted, offering low cost sessions. She is here because she believes in the human adventure. She believes that people are processes, that we are never fixed versions of ourselves, that we all contain great capacity to shape our lives, that our suffering has the opportunity to transform us.

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comox valley virtual somatic counselling

Jennifer accepts many extended health benefits and is approved with:

BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
British Columbia Crime Victim Assistance Program
First Nations Health Authority
Blue Cross

comox valley virtual somatic counselling


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