About Jennifer

Meet Jennifer (she/her), the founder and vision behind B-rooted Somatic Counselling. She is a Somatic Registered Clinical Counsellor in the Comox Valley. My services are covered by most extended health care benefits. 

We respectfully acknowledge that the land on which we gather is the unceded traditional territory of the K'ómoks First Nation.

somatic counselling comox valley

Personal healing is a complex and sometimes uncomfortable journey. It requires self-compassion and commitment. No one else can walk the road for you, but it is my role to support, to guide and work alongside you as you embark on this 'coming home' journey. 

I am a holistic, intuitive somatic counsellor in the Comox Valley. The compass that guides my work is the notion that we are our own healers and therefore sovereign agents in our innate healing. 

It is an honour to guide clients as they remember their ability to connect to internal resources, wisdom and build capacity to have a present and rich connection with themselves, others and the world around them. 

This reclaiming of the self is a powerful journey. I support clients using nervous system education along with somatic interventions to promote self regulation; weathering life's storms with an innate sturdiness. 

My Journey 

I started journaling at the age of 12, even then I was insatiably curious about the human experience, my experience. I remember the specific moment I realized my counselling calling. I was a teenager in therapy with a lot of emotions to process and zero tools. This counselling experience was so profound I knew I was meant to empower others to heal, feel more connected and reignite a passion for life. Fast forward ten years later and I had two degrees and sitting in front of my first client with all the nerves. 

The outdoors has always been a place of solitude for my heart and soul. This is why I chose to be a Somatic Counsellor in the Comox Valley. I wanted to intersect my two deepest loves and therefore began offering outdoor therapy to youth. During these trainings I learnt to power of nature as a resource to cultivate change. I bring these natural based tools for regulation into my work today. 

Throughout my journey I became fascinated by the intersection of trauma and the wisdom of the body. This led me to obtain my two year Somatic Attachment training with Lisa Mortimore. 

As my life and career continue, my passion for holistic healing deepens. I have ongoing trainings for personal and professional development. I believe it is my responsibility to embark on my own healing in order to offer an embodied healing to those I hold space with. 

Therapeutic Approach

As an integrative counsellor I combine various therapeutic approaches and interventions to best suits the needs of each individual that I hold space with. The pillars that guide my practice are rooted in Somatic Attachment therapy, trauma informed, person centred, nature based and Inner Family Systems (IFS). My approach is informed by the work of those at the forefront of trauma research and embodied healing like, Peter Levine, Deb Dana, Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Mate and Stephen Porges.

As a counsellor and the founder of B-rooted, my greatest hope is for each client to build inner resources and embodied capacity to grow inner clarity. My intention is for reach client to feel empowered by their own inner compass. 

Education & Professional Development