About Jennifer

Meet Jennifer, a Registered Clinical Counsellor, the founder and vision behind B-rooted.   

Personal healing is a complex and sometimes uncomfortable journey. It requires self-compassion and commitment. No one else can walk the road for you, but it is my role to support, to guide and work alongside you as you embark on this transformative journey. 

I remember the specific moment I realized my calling. I was a teenager in therapy with a lot of emotions to process. This counselling experience was so profound that I knew I was meant to empower others to heal, feel more connected and reignite a passion for life. I started this journey by dedicating seven years to furthering my education, completing a B.A in Psychology, M.A in Counselling and Spirituality and ICF Coaching Fundamentals. While working in this field, it has become clear to me that true healing is a multifaceted journey of the mind, body and spirit. This is why B-rooted provides a holistic approach, focusing on somatic body processing while engaging the spirit and the resource of nature. 

The most profound work is often done in the spaces where the mind, body and spirit meet. Personal growth and healing are holistic.

Since completing my education I’ve worked in the realm of holistic health. In addition to my training in psychology, counselling and coaching, my current somatic training and nutrition certifications have allowed me to develop an understanding of how the body plays a role in healing and personal transformation.

Spirituality, however each person chooses to define and express it, is uniquely celebrated in each of session. 

Complete honesty is where your growth begins.

I am committed to honesty and transparency. As a counsellor and the founder of B-rooted, my greatest hope is for each client to fully commit to themselves and therefore a more fulfilling life. I commit to walking alongside you while providing a safe, nurturing and supportive space for your personal healing and growth journey.